A Teacher’s Guide to PE Planning

Physical education or PE is very important in every child’s life. In order for an overall well-rounded upbringing of a child, it is very important to get them involved in outdoor physical activities. PE is also recommended by doctors for good health. In a school environment, physical education is mostly carried out by the teachers and it is important for the teacher to have a good PE planning schedule for their class.

What to Consider When Planning Physical Education

In order to get the best out of physical education and activities, it is very important for a teacher to consider the following factors.

1. Age of Your Class

The age of the children you are dealing with will greatly determine the kind of plan you have in place. It is not advisable to draw a plan that is best suited for pschoolers for an uppe- grade class or vice versa. Every activity should go with the age group so as to get the best out of every pe lesson.

2. Resources

While planning for physical education, it is important to consider all resources available for the same. Do not plan a lesson that might require unavailable resources in the school. Always fully utilize what is available first as you seek to get the school administration to bring in more.

3. Size of your class

The number of children in the class can also affect a PE planning schedule a big class might need a bigger field or more different activities so as to fully utilize the time allocated for the pe lesson. It is, therefore, necessary to know the exact number of children in your class so as to have the best plan.

Physical education is mostly compulsory and should be taken seriously by both the teacher and students.